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So many times I often hear that people can’t afford “custom photography” or “why does it cost so much to hire a photographer?“.   As a photographer and a mom on a budget, I can understand how some people would think that spending $150, $250 or even more on a photographer is outrageous.

Most clients don’t take into consideration what happens before or after the shutter clicks.  When you go into Walmart, Sears or any other big box “portrait” studio, you are able to view your photos pretty much right after you take them.   Murphy’s Law hit you hard that morning and there it is…the zit of all zits that came out, smack dab in the middle of your forehead.  The “photographer” looks at you and says, “Oh, sorry.  Can’t do anything about that.”  You get to pick your photos and you’re now stuck with that zit staring at you for as long as you look at those pictures.

The skills that your hired photographer has, will have a lasting impression on the memories that you cherish.  Being able to make that sunset look like a sunset, or taking out that blemish that haunted you that morning are just a few things that will make your memories last a lifetime.

After your session and depending on what type of session it is, I could spend up to 4-5 hours editing your final photos.  Sorting out the blinks, heads down, etc and then going through and editing the blemishes and what nots from each and every photo.  Depending on the type of edit, each picture could take 15 minutes if not more.  These are the things that clients don’t realize what goes on after the shutter clicks.

Don’t always go by what’s on the photographers website.  Ask for references.  Ask them to see other sessions that may not be listed on their website.  I’ve had many clients ask that their children not be listed on the website but I have full rights to show a client in the studio those sessions.  This is what will make your memories yours.

Caden was getting to the point where he was almost done.  Mom grabbed him and started to sooth him and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to grab the shots.  As a photographer, I’ll admit, I was so unprepared for this shot so I knew there was going to be some clean up afterwards.  Needless to say it’s now one of Mom’s and Grandma’s favorite shots 🙂

In this shot I removed everyone on the beach so the couple could have that “exclusive” shot that they were the only ones on the beach.

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