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These parents are killing me with these kids and their lashes  😉  I spent the morning Thursday with Christina, Jon and their two gorgeous little girls.  The eyes.  The lashes.  Every woman’s dream.  Some will pay big bucks for what these girls have naturally.  Am I jealous?  Oh yeah, very much so!  lol

Shooting at the park, all Miss Kaylee wanted to do was be done and go swing.  She was too cute when telling me bye every time the shutter clicked.  Funny thing is, once we got done and “released” her to the playground for some fun shots, she never went on the swings lol

I love kids!!!  🙂

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Rocco.  That’s how 🙂

I met up with Lori, Rocco and their gorgeous little one Rocco, Jr. on Sunday afternoon.  Mother Nature has been playing a little weather game with us lately and I was hoping for beautiful weather and we got it.  Wasn’t too cold, wind was almost nonexistent and this little one made me remember how much energy 2 year olds actually have.  I had a blast with them and I *love* it when sessions go so smoothly!

I normally don’t put up “bloopers” but this was too funny not too.  Mom and I had the same shot in mind and as you can see, Rocco had absolutely no intention of making this shot happen.  This is why I love my job 🙂  lol

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