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2011 has absolutely flown by!  Watching all these babies grown up in front of my camera has been such a blessing and honor for me.  That their parents trusted me with their little ones means the world to me.

Going through and recapping all my newborns over the year made me realize a few things; 1) that I definitely choose the right genre to shoot because I love the squishiness, the cooes…all of it that these little ones give me, 2) I’m blessed with some of the best clients…EVER! and 3) I’ve grown so much over the last year as a photographer.  Which only means that there is bigger and better things to come for 2012.

Between today, tomorrow and Sunday, I’ll throw back to my newborn session over 2011.  Picking just three from each session is hard!  So here there are, in absolutely no particular order.  Well the order is they are alphabetized by first name on my hard drive so that’s some type of order, right?

Hope everyone had a fantastic 2011 and 2012 is going to ROCK!

Alexander – 9 days old



Carson – 5 days old

Ava – 7 days old

Bryce – 8 days old

Callie – 7 days old

Connor (which I’m doing his 1st birthday session in 3 weeks!!) – 10 days old

Be sure to check out tomorrow’s post for 6 more babies from 2011


What’s better then having a session with one beautiful, squishy newborn?  Having one with two!  3 week old Elizabeth and Nicholas graced my studio with their presence on Tuesday and oh my heavens….how fun!

I’ll admit, doing a twins session had me a little nervous.  Being the mom of singles, I’ve heard when one cries, the other cries.  When one’s awake, the other is awake.  So I’ll I could think to myself was…here we go 🙂

Oh let me tell you I was so wrong!  These two were fantastic!  Nicholas was a charm.  Elizabeth passed out as soon as she was fed and we ended up with the most killer twins session I could ever begin to image.  It was funny how as long as he was next to his sister, he was calm and quiet.  A beautiful twin bond 🙂


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