Elizabeth & Nicholas {Twins} :: Palm Harbor Newborn Photographer

What’s better then having a session with one beautiful, squishy newborn?  Having one with two!  3 week old Elizabeth and Nicholas graced my studio with their presence on Tuesday and oh my heavens….how fun!

I’ll admit, doing a twins session had me a little nervous.  Being the mom of singles, I’ve heard when one cries, the other cries.  When one’s awake, the other is awake.  So I’ll I could think to myself was…here we go 🙂

Oh let me tell you I was so wrong!  These two were fantastic!  Nicholas was a charm.  Elizabeth passed out as soon as she was fed and we ended up with the most killer twins session I could ever begin to image.  It was funny how as long as he was next to his sister, he was calm and quiet.  A beautiful twin bond 🙂


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