Stacy & her family :: Palm Harbor Family Photographer


Getting the whole family together for the holidays can be quite, well stressful at times.  With families all over the place, it’s hard to nail down a week, even at the holidays, for families to be together.

Stacy contacted me mid-December because at Christmas, they were all going to be together.  Woot!  Let’s do it to it.  It’s was a prime time for her to be able to get the family photo of everyone together in one shot.

They were staying in Gulf Harbors in New Port Richey and for me this was a change.  I’ve been to Gulf Harbors but it’s always been by boat.  My oldest son lost a necklace and charm in the canals up there years ago, there’s killer little tarpon to be fished for in the canals and it’s a great little neighborhood.  They’ve got their own private beach, which by the way if you aren’t a resident or staying there, don’t try and get on it but it was nice to have the whole place practically to ourselves – just a few snowbirds walking down the beach.

Mother Nature has been playing tricks on us with the weather, 85 in December and still in the mid to high 70’s for January so this day wasn’t any different.  She was playing on the wind a bit and Murphy’s Law kicked into affect because by the time we were done, the wind died down.  Figures.

Thank Stacy for allowing me to grab the whole family…all in one shot!  Hope you enjoyed your holidays and most of all, a vacation!

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