Krysta, Brandon plus two :: Palm Harbor Family Photographer

It’s been almost a year since I last had a session with Krysta and her little girl Lexi.  Fast forward a year and Krysta now has Brandon (he’ll love me for saying it that way lol) and best of all, little Landon.  I did Landon’s newborn session back in March and seeing him last week, he seems to have grown up so much in 3 short months.

Usually Lexi is a ham in front of the camera but for some reason Monday night, she wasn’t having it lol  She wanted to cover her face, watch everything else that was going on around her and most of all, be right with mom, head buried in her shoulder.  With a little patience, giggling and some yellow wildflowers, we got what we came for.  I love it when the innocence of a child comes out and they have no clue what’s going on.  I think this is why I love shooting more candid with kids because it brings out their true personality instead of making them sit, smile and the worst of all “say cheese”.


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