Landon’s First Birthday :: Palm Harbor Lifestyle Photographer

The last year has been amazing watching Landon grow up.  He’s got such a personality and is always making me laugh during his sessions.  I’ve watched this tiny little boy grow up to be a strong-minded one year old, right before my eyes.  It’s like watching one of your own kids grow up.

Natalie wanted more of a lifestyle session at their house, and I was all for it.  Being able to capture these kids in their own element is something I’m a little new to and I’m loving it.  It’s their house so they seem a lot more comfortable and their personalities really shine.

Landon didn’t disappoint.  He gave me the ‘old man’ look (as mom calls it) more than once, he smashed his cake in his own backyard and then had some fun at his water table on their patio.  All in all…it couldn’t of been a more perfect session.


Natalie had this really cute idea with his birthday theme, the circus.  So when she got the Dr. Seuss ‘If I Ran a Circus’ book, she had everyone sign it.


The absolute best feeling in the world being a photographer, is when you walk into a client’s home and see prints of past sessions all over the place.  That made my day!  This shot was an absolute fluke from Landon’s 9 month session.  It was towards the end of his session, he was getting tired but Natalie wanted to try the mustache to see if he’s wear it.  He did alright but wasn’t happy about it at all!  It made him cry, made us laugh but best of all, made for a great shot!




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