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Just over two years ago, I got a text from a dear friend and it went a little something like this….

<insert picture of ring here>

OMG!!!!!!!!!!  I’m engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yes, I do believe there were that many exclamation points there haha

I’ve known Devin for about 4 years (maybe 5 but there were a lot of bar night in there so it might just be 4).  Erin got a job at the bar he was working at and as cliche’ as it sounds…that’s all she wrote, it was love at first site.  These two compliment each other perfectly!  The ying to the yang.  Bread to the butter.  Yeah, not going on with those haha

These two love downtown St. Pete so it was only fitting to have their wedding there.  We did their engagement session down there the first of the year so I knew it was going to be epic!  They had the ceremony and reception at 260First (upstairs from Bishop, if you’re familiar with DTSP) and it has the vintage, killer look that Erin was looking for.


Erin and Devin opted for a first look and OMG, I’m so glad they did.  Devin isn’t much of a smiler when it comes to pictures, you almost have to squeeze it out of him but when he couldn’t wipe this grin off his face?  I knew it was going to be a great day!


Devin’s daughter, Rian is an exact mold of her father haha!  She’s smart, hilarious, has a twinge of sarcasm in there but then again, she is her father’s daughter…to.  a.  tee.  The relationship between Erin and Rian is unbreakable. Erin makes the absolute perfect stepmom

I know these guys and I knew that the “signature pose” was going to happen sooner or later.  I believe it was sooner rather than later though haha

Devin had to make sure his dad was there and while we know he was there in spirit, he sat right at the bar and watched everything


And Erin’s boot?  With her ring?  SWOON!!!


Grabbing Erin and Devin at the end of the night, I knew I was taking a chance with this shot.  They had to stand still for 25 seconds and Devin said that Erin is worst stander ever (haha)  I have a feeling she was giggling the whole time because Devin was probably making faces at her.  But this shot was worth it all!



Make sure you check out their video.  I absolutely love doing these for my couples and it rolls the day right into about 4-5 minutes!


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