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It’s more common then not to have an engagement session come complimentary with your wedding day coverage.  Commence freak out, right?  No!!  Work with it, have fun with it.  You’re engagement session is about the two of you.  Put some thought into it so it’s not the same ole’ standing on the beach taking pictures.

Right after a couple books with me, an engagement session questionnaire goes out.  I want to know what makes you guys tick, what you do for fun (Netflix marathons don’t count) and what you two do on the weekends.  We work together to figure out the right location that fits the two of you.

Sarah & Cameron LOVE heading out on the weekends to the islands, chilling with friends on the boat and most of all, Dexter.  So we pulled all those things into their engagement session and it was perfect (and so them!)


Lisa Otto Photography -St. Petersburg Wedding Photographer

Lisa Otto Photography -St. Petersburg Wedding Photographer


So where do you start?  Think about these few things:

Where is your wedding at?  If you’re having a beach wedding, skip having your engagement session on the beach.  Rock the session out at your favorite bar, the streets of where you hang out (I’m talking like downtown St. Pete, Dunedin, etc).  Mix it up and have some variety.

Lisa Otto Photography - LGBT Wedding Photographer


Ladies…don’t forget that we’re going to take close up’s of your hands.  Be sure that your nails are polished or polish-free, which ever you choose.  Nothing ruins an amazing shot of your ring like chipped nail polish

Guys….this goes for you too!  Don’t work on the car an hour before the session.  I can edit but editing greasy nails isn’t fun lol  If you’ve never gotten a manicure before, do it!  Trust me, you’ll be quite addicted once you get one.  Turn in that man card and face it 🙂

Lisa Otto Photography -St. Petersburg Wedding Photographer



Your outfits

Coordinate but don’t over do it.  The days of white tshirts and jeans are looooong gone so please don’t do it.  I’m constantly adding things to my Pinterest board on “what to wear” so it gives you an idea.  Think about what makes you comfortable.  If you aren’t all about maxi dresses then don’t wear it.  If he’s never been in a pair of khakis, don’t put him in it.  You can still rock out your session with jeans so don’t put to much into it.

If you have your engagement session with me, I always have you bring two outfits.  We’ll shoot somewhere that you have a place to change so you’ll be able to change up the look.

Lisa Otto Photography -Tampa wedding photographer


The best advice I could give someone is to be themselves and have fun with it! It’s not every day that you get to spend 2 hours together doing nothing but staring into each other’s eyes, holding hands, hugging, kissing and being super sweet to one another… so take advantage of that time!

Okay…so maybe I took the mushiness a little too far but you get my drift 🙂


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