Kelly & Tiffany | Downtown Tampa Proposal

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again….I freaking love proposals!!  I love being all sneaky and paparazzi like and love the reaction on the others face when the question gets popped.

Saturday night was no exception.

Kelly emailed me about 2 weeks ago asking me if I was available for her proposal to Tiffany.  Well she had me at proposal.  She had it all planned out that she was going to do it when they headed to Tampa for the Pride & Passion event at the Tampa Museum.  Ring was bought, plans were made and it was time to do it.

Kelly and I met down there a few days before to plan out how it was going to be done.  We had it all planned out where, when and how it was going to happen.  Then came Saturday night.  They got there a little bit earlier then we had originally anticipated but it worked out perfect because we didn’t lose the light like we would of originally.  The bench I was supposed to me sitting at was occupied to say the least, so we had to divert a little further down the Riverwalk.  I was standing so that Kelly could see me and Tiffany’s back was towards me.  Thank heavens being on the Riverwalk with a camera isn’t an abnormal thing and really it looked like I was waiting on clients so I wasn’t out of place.

Kelly got Tiffany situated so that her back remained towards me.  Once I saw that Kelly was really starting to tell Tiffany everything she wanted to, I started moving around so that I could get the look on Tiffany’s face when Kelly went down on her knee.  It was a good 10 minutes before Tiffany even noticed I was there.  Maybe she was a little preoccupied, I don’t know 😉

Everything went off perfectly and they headed into the Pride & Passion event and not only celebrated that, but celebrated their engagement!  Congrats you two <3  Thanks for letting me be your personal paparazzi!!


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Kelly was taking a selfie to see if she could tell where I was.  Smart thinking 😉

Kelly & Tiffany - Downtown Tampa proposal photo IMG_7604_zpsxjstuxvz.jpg
Trying to get all the words out…

Kelly & Tiffany - Downtown Tampa proposal photo IMG_7623_zpszs3lehhr.jpg

I don’t think it was sinking in as to what Kelly was doing.  Tiffany was still a little shocked.

Kelly & Tiffany - Downtown Tampa proposal photo IMG_7639_zpsav9ckopm.jpg
Kelly & Tiffany - Downtown Tampa proposal photo IMG_7645_zpsglyi2bhj.jpg

Because this is where she dropped her purse lol

Kelly & Tiffany - Downtown Tampa proposal photo IMG_7646_zps0unuwfzh.jpg
Kelly & Tiffany - Downtown Tampa proposal photo IMG_7647_zpsmaa4ekwa.jpg
Kelly & Tiffany - Downtown Tampa proposal photo IMG_7666_zps4a5i2m0c.jpg
Kelly & Tiffany - Downtown Tampa proposal photo IMG_7670_zpss5me7wce.jpg
Kelly & Tiffany - Downtown Tampa proposal photo IMG_7674_zpslzlzzjhu.jpg
 photo IMG_7675_zpsxkbttcah.jpg
 photo IMG_7685_zpsjtzvmmmv.jpg

Once everything was all said and done, we were able to grab a few pictures before they went into the Pride & Passion Event.

 photo IMG_7705_zpsntinad1b.jpg
 photo IMG_7711_zps6bgianry.jpg
 photo IMG_7722_zpsns9i9kwx.jpg
 photo IMG_7729_zpsqi4npcku.jpg
 photo IMG_7741_zpskpkckxdc.jpg

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  1. My beautiful cousin Tiffany and her GF, well fiance now, are always this cute and amazing. You did a wonderful capturing their love!

  2. NANCY Torres says:

    This was so awesome really great idea thanks for being there to capture there special moment. Over the top excited for them. ♡ ☆ ♡

  3. Sherri says:

    So excited to have Kelly as part of our family. The pictures are awesome. Love you guys mom

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