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Best of 2016.  I’m going to preface this with these may not be the couples choices but going back through 2016 weddings, it’s hard to pick one image to represent an entire wedding day.  This year was an amazing year.  My couples were fantastic, fun but most of all they made 2016 one of the best years!

I really can’t wait for 2017 but until then….enjoy some of my favorite moments of the year (in no particular order)!


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Cailyn and Phil’s wedding at St. Andrews Historical Chapel and Beso Del Sol was a blast.  These girls had me cracking up all morning and it didn’t stop when we headed to the ceremony.  Having fun on your wedding day is so important.  Please don’t forget that!


Not only do the girls get into it, the guys do to.  Matthew’s groomsmen were totally down for it when asked.  These guys had a great sense of humor that didn’t stop just at their formals.


Oh Emily….this is one wedding from this year that tugged at my heart strings.  Watching her dad look at her before walking down the aisle, Emily taking those deep breaths (probably not to pass out lol), was one of the best feelings for me.


Then there was Albert.  By far, he was one of my most emotional grooms this year and I loved it!!



Danny and Meghan….my cousin.  We were very close growing up so watching him marry the girl of his dreams was an amazing feeling for me.  Meghan fits him perfectly and if I had to pick someone for Danny, it would be Megahn.  Plus, how can you resist a woman that shares your love of microbreweries and craft beer?


And then there’s having my whole family together, in one picture.  Only person missing is my grandma since she couldn’t make the trip but it was great that Meghan and Danny were able to live stream the wedding so she could watch.  I need to Photoshop her into this picture so we’re all together 😉


Kali and Sasa….I said it in their original blog post and I’ll say it again.  The lead to see his bride walking down the aisle was the best!!



Janet & Will’s wedding was the most laid back wedding of the year!  They had an amazing brick oven pizzeria from Gainesville come down to cater it, midday wedding but that didn’t stop everyone from having fun….or Will from doing the centipede in the middle of the reception.




For Jackie & Matt’s wedding it’s a given.  Jackie put together a slide show of pictures of him and his dad as a surprise at the reception.  I knew this was coming, she told me but watching Matt, seeing his dad not only gave me chills but had me crying like a baby.



At Bri & Andy’s wedding in the BVI, Andy made a comment about mooning the guests.  They were all standing on the balcony behind me and then all of a sudden…..this.  It was hard to take the photo because I was laughing so hard.


Even though we have beaches all around us here, being in the BVI with stormy clouds on the rocks at Saba Rock…it was an amazing time!  Such an experience with a great couple.


Arianne & John had an intimate wedding on Ana Maria Island with just them and her parents.  We she opened her gift from him, this is the look I got.  I love, love it!!

arrianne-and-john img_9378

Victoria & Tom had a crap start to planning their wedding.  Their venue abruptly closed, no warning, nothing so they scrambled to find vendors for their wedding day.  As I watched Torie all day, this smile, the one right here, was all over her face all day long!


I’ve been with Tiffany & Kelly since day one when Tiffany proposed.  We’ve become friends, I know what they like and how they are so I really shouldn’t of been surprised when Tiffany busted out this card that had her vows written on it.  Even in the slightest moment, Tiffany is there to make Kelly laugh!

Lisa Otto Photography - St Pete Wedding Photographer

Stephanie and Brian just fall into each other.  I remember at their engagement session, she told me that I was really going to have to help them pose.  Come wedding day, that wasn’t needed.  This moment after their first kiss was priceless!


I love that so many of my brides wanted to have first looks with their dads.  Their little girls are heading into the rest of their lives and this reaction from Anna’s dad when he first saw her, even brought tears to my eyes <3


Mr. McFerran was having a hard time holding it together during his speech at Jordan & Jarod’s wedding.  He was talking about when Jarod came to him about asking Jordan so seeing the tears well up in his eyes, then watching Jordan look at Jarod was great.



He also couldn’t hold it together when him and Jordan had their first look.


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