Cha-cha Changes | 2020 Changes to Lisa Otto Photography

I’m hoping that when you read that title, you sang it because I did as I was typing it 🙂

If you aren’t on my personal Facebook page or know me personally, a lot happened in 2018.  They say things happen for a reason and people walk into your life when you’re least expecting it, well that happened to me.  To make a long story short, back in March I met Matt.  He loves dogs and well that’s where it all kicked off for us since we met at the Dog Bar in St. Pete (one of my favorite places) and after a little bit, we became friends.  The weekend that I was in Tennessee shooting Elizabeth & Oliver’s wedding, he text me to see if I was watching the Tampa Bay Lightning game.  I couldn’t stream it so all night he text me updates and let me know what the score was.  The next morning I was sitting at the airport and he text me asking me if I wanted to go to the Tampa Bay Rays game with him that night and I told him sure.  We met at the Dog Bar and never made it to the game.  The rest is sort of history.

When Matt & I first started dating, I knew he was leaving for Korea (he’s in the Air Force).  When we started dating, it was “when I leave for Korea” and then quickly it became “when I get back from Korea” and then in August, we shocked everyone, headed to the clerk of court and got married.  This is something we had talked about so it wasn’t a total shock to all but a shock for some.  The beginning of November, he left for Korea.  He’ll be gone a year and before he left, we found out that after Korea, he won’t be coming back to MacDill.

In December of 2019, we will be headed to Germany!!

Yes, we, as in all 3 of us (me, Matt & Jacob).  Since we found out in August, so many thoughts have run through my head; what will I do, will I close the business, etc.  After talking it over with Matt, it was decided that I will keep the brand open while we are gone (2-3 years).  After talking with Micah, my second shooter, and Brandon (who shot our photos below), it was decided that  they will take over as primary/secondary shooters while I am gone.  This is a HUGE decision for me, even as I type this, my stomach is dropping at the thought.  LOP has been my baby, my name for over 8 years.

While I am gone, I will still be the primary contact throughout the whole process of your wedding day; planning your time line, communication throughout, the editing and afterwards.  The only thing that will change is who will be there on your day.  I trust Micah and Brandon to shoot with me so I know deep down that they will treat my clients with the upmost respect, just as they do when shooting any other time.  If you’d like me to shoot your wedding, there will be an additional charge for the travel home but it’s always an option 🙂

After 2020, I will no longer be taking any portrait clients.  I will refer those out to local photographers who specialize in those areas.  Micah & Brandon will be shooting engagement sessions if you choose a collection that includes that.

I will be back and I’ll be shooting in Germany but I will take some time off to get acclimated to living over there, getting Jacob adjusted to being over there and getting settled in.

To all my clients that have trusted me with the biggest day of your life….THANK YOU!  Without every single one of you, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  This path really wouldn’t of led me to Matt.

This is us <3



But this really sums us up lol  🙂


3 Responses to “Cha-cha Changes | 2020 Changes to Lisa Otto Photography”

  1. mark moberg says:

    So very happy for all of you.

  2. KAT says:

    Thanking God every day that you came I to po ur lifes. Praying for this change to go well for you all! Love you bunches girlie!

  3. Win Wolloff says:

    Lisa, I cant begin to tell you how pleased I am by your story. I have had many students over the years but few with the eagerness to learn and the passion to make great images that you showed from our first meeting. Clearly you have made your brand one to be proud of and the decision to keep it alive here in Florida while you are overseas is a good one. My prayers and good wishes go with you on this journey. If I can be of help to the shooters that will keep your dreams alive have then reach out to me. And if you need a portrait shooter to fill out your team I’m available. We can work out the details if you are interested.

    Enjoy the adventure and know that I’m happy for you. 😉

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