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I first met Savanna when she was a bridesmaid for Brittany & Patrick back in September.  Quiet, sweet and super laid back.  Once Brittany & Patrick’s wedding was over, I got an email from Savanna telling me that her and Hody were getting married in March and loved the way I worked and the photos.  Score!  Because after all, that’s my job, right? 😉

We emailed back and forth a few times with a final email of ‘Let’s do this!’.  Not only was I super stoked to work with them, it was an honor that her dad also had a say in hiring me and loved the way I handled things.  That makes my happy!

I met up with Savanna and Hody a few days later to get the deal done and it was an instant click.  Hody is hilarious, with Savanna being the more laid back one.  They, together are a perfect match!!  Savanna told me that she wanted a barn for their engagement photos.  Well, down here finding a barn is a bit tricky but I knew of just the place.

A friend of my mom’s was getting ready to sell her house; 10 acres, huge house and a BARN!  Put the wheels in motion but we were also fighting against a contract and closing date.  Needless to say, had me a bit worried that we were going to have to drive up and down Keystone Rd, fence hopping to get Savanna her barn.  All came through with flying colors.  We headed out, had a blast and they got their barn.

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!  Head over to Savanna and Hody’s site.  This has all of their wedding details, more of their engagement photos and in March, will have their wedding photos.

(btw – all my couples get sites like this.  Kind of better then that big wedding site, huh?)


You’re at work, this guy keeps coming in and next thing you know, it’s 8 years later and you’re walking down the aisle.  That’s Jessica and Charlie.  She was a server at a restaurant next to his job when he would come in for lunch.  Smitten?  Probably but there’s nothing wrong with that.  Here they are, 8 years later saying I do.

Jessica had contacted me about shooting the wedding after she saw a picture I had posted on the wall of Honeymoon Island’s Facebook.  We started chit-chatting back and forth about how they were doing a small ceremony for family and friends down here, since they live in Kentucky and her parents live down here.  Nothing to extravagant but she put a lot of thought into every details of their wedding.  From her gown, to the flowers, to the programs and the steel drummer.  Pretty difficult to get everything together when you’re 600+ miles away but she did it.  Everything went off without a hitch and she knocked it out of the park.

Waking up on your wedding day, especially for a beach wedding, and it’s raining is not the way to start the day.  Thankfully by the time 5 o’clock rolled around, the skies opened up with some gorgeous clouds and everything was perfect.  A special thanks to all the vendors that made Jessica and Charlie’s day go off without a hitch!

Tine Wilder
Honeymoon Island 

Deborah Walker
Florida Wedding Ceremonies

Joe Braccio
Steel drummer

Be sure to check out more photos from Jessica & Charlie’s day on their site
(which by the way, all my couples get)
Jessica & Charlie